September 2016


He’s swinging nonchalantly over her shoulder. She’s playing around with him, rolling his chain in her hand, wearing him over her heart and entrusting her very personal belongings to him… He loves it when she’s in jeans and a man’s shirt; he discreetly adds a little sophistication… But he also adores going out with her when she slips on her heels and black mini-dress… here, he really know how to how to do his job and be very stylish, with a graphic touch!

Her companion with the unique allure is SAM: soft, smooth, supple and firm, he stands up to everything she puts him through, every day.

Like the woman wearing him, he likes to distinguish himself in subtle ways. He, with the designer detailing of his elegant folds and graphic cut-outs like a puzzle, a chain with a touch rocker style. She, with her look of effortless chic, sometime boyish, sometimes ultra-feminine.


SAM is the new chain bag from Lancel, attractive and functional with two patch pockets in front and back and convenient inside compartments.


Sam comes in three different styles, over the shoulder or cross-body: a zipper bag and a bag with a fold-over flap available in two sizes. In black, sable and a seasonal tricolor: green, sand and navy blue.